Graduation Cards for Card Making

Make beautiful handmade cards to mark the momentous occasion!

Know a person who is graduating soon? These graduation stamps for card making will help you create the perfect card to send to the new grad in honor of their big day. Graduation is really such a significant occasion in every person's life and it is absolutely worthy of making a big deal of it. A home made card is the perfect way for you to acknowledge their accomplishments and let the scholar know just how much you care.

For anybody who is putting together a homemade commencement card, stamps with diplomas or graduation hats are always a fantastic pick. You can easily pair those graduation stamps with an inspirational quotation stamp for a fast, but stylish card. If the recipient is more whimsical, there are also stamps which are more playful- like cute animals wearing a graduation cap and gown.

In addition to the iconic cap and gown images, very handmade graduation card really needs an a congratulatory note or an inspiring quote. You can find some great graduation quotes to finish off your card. No matter if you really want to inspire the new grad to reach for the stars, or follow their hopes and dreams, most likely you can purchase a rubber stamp with the best sentiment to state your feelings.
Regardless of whether you are trying to find elegant designs or something a bit more cute, one can find quite a lot of graduation stamps to suit your needs. Below are several of the most popular graduation stamps for card making... 

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If you are planning a grad party this year, here is a fun tutorial you might want to check out...

Graduation Cap Candy Favors

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